Saturday, 12 January 2013

Belated Happy New Year

Ok this must be really lame, posting about New Year's Eve countdown on the 12th of January...

How could I treat my own blog's first transition into a new year like this? No post on how I spent New Year's Eve transition to the 1st...Well, I've never been one to shy away from doing something late as long as its worthwhile and for my Chronicles...

Ever since I could remember from childhood, crossover to New Year's has always been in a church or at home praying. Much later in life, I experienced my own transition to rational church on New Year's Eve had become the last thing on my mind on New Year's Eve in recent years.

From all the spectacular New Year's countdown images round the world we see on TV year after year, the only I'd ever witnessed were a few countdowns in Central London (at the Eye and its environs). I dream (my bucket list) about going to see New Year's countdown in Sydney, Tokyo, Dubai, Paris and of course New York's Time Square.

So 2012/13, Lagos was hosting its first every official Countdown party. Churches and mosques all across the country do it every year but this was the first ever by a state/city's governing body in the country. And what a countdown it air party next to the beach,  concert with a number of major acts, an official countdown clock, drinks, etc

I attended the event on the invitation of Tolu with the Mrs and my sister. It was mad fun. Mad props to the LASG, the organisers and sponsors that put together a great welcome to 2013.

Less talk, pictures some below. Happy 2013.


The concert stage
Cross section of the open-air party
L-R Myself with Ronke (wife) and Kemi (sister)

More pictures after the break

To be honest, the fireworks was way below par...I expected more, we didn't come close to Tokyo or London let alone New York
Tolu and I  just after 00:00
Being next to ocean dumps droplets of seawater on one's glasses
That's the official countdown clock behind us at 12:05
Tolu, Legend 2012 (BCC)

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