Sunday, 7 October 2012

Along The Trodden Trail

In doing my long distance quests, I have never kid myself that am breaking new grounds here or setting new records. Stellar records were set tens of thousands of years ago when the greatest trekkers of all time left Africa and walked all the way to Europe, then to Asia, Australia, North America.

In more recent times, a few people have achieved similar feats. When I initially decided to do the #walkacross quests, most of my online research was focused on preparations, what to expect, how to deal with chaffing, what to eat, etc. I never focused much on the experience of other people who had done similar exercises...until today.

For one, after my 72km walk, I guess could now relate more because it was now real experience for me. I still remember being about 4km away from the end point and all I could think of was "1 more hour of this" when I was sore, legs were heavy and I was drained.

So I came across Mark Moxon and his walking adventures. He's a veteran at this and he's done some really amazing walks. I honestly share of his passion and reasons for getting up and just walk and walk and walk...I also learnt a lot from him and his website. The meticulous planning, the right gears to take along, pacing oneself, etc.

Mark did the 1144 miles walk across the length of UK in 3 months. Mad inspiration right there.

Then there's Peter Jerkins and he did, wait for it....#walkacrossUS way back in 1973. His walk took 6 years albeit it was more of walking location to location and sharing experiences with people along the way. He's currently on similar travels and writing a book. I decided to follow him on Facebook - Peter Jenkins.

There are thousands of people worldwide who have done (and are doing) long distance walking to draw inspirations from...and I intend to tap as much as possible from their experiences.


Monday, 1 October 2012

WalkAcross Peninsula - Day 3 in Pictures

08:30 Ibeju Lekki Local Govt Office

09:03 Abulepanu

09:19 These guys got me jealous a little, riding with a support crew trailing behind

WalkAcross Lekki Peninsula - Day 3 in Tweets

Passed the night before Day 3 at LD's place. It was a drive of about 15km from the checkpoint at the end of Day 2. Rested well and was re-energize by a sumptuous meal and a hot shower.

Take off time was approx 08:00 and I got to Igando Oloja 25 minutes later. At this stage I still had about 24km to cover on the last. The day started of as very cloudy and cool.

- #walkacross Day 3, heading out to the last check point (Igando Oloja) to continue
- #walkacross 08:28 setting off.
- 08:44 Just witnessed a 'near accident'. Driver lost control of the SUV, all safe but shaken
- TosOil filling station, selling petrol but not a single car in the forecourt #fuelscarcity. Albeit +55km out
- #walkacross 09:24 Eleko
- Its raining now, no shelter close by
- #walkacross 10:02 Idiorogbo
- #walkacross #walkacrosspeninsula
- #walkacross 10:22 Aiyegbami Ibeju. I reckon am about 15km to destination now
- #walkacross 10:35 Long Bridge. Rest break
- @LadejobiAde almost done. Looking at 14:00 as ETA
- Rest break over, taking on the Long Bridge
- This bridge should be called 'Palmy Bridge'
- #walkacross 11:34 crossed the Long (Palmy) bridge in 42 mijs
- #walkacross 11:45 Eleran-Egbe
- Very sunny now, using one of my t-shirts as a head cover
- #walkacross 12:01 another rest break. My feet were getting numb. Am at Oke Igunbale
- #walkacross 13:26 Ilamija Nla Village
- This shit is tough and difficult. The last 4-5km looking like Mount Everest
- @Kemmzy thanks Kemi. I am taking pictures, will upload them later. Data service and juice won't permit me now
- #walkacross 14:31 I see THA BRIDGE.
- I can also see the end zone too. almost limping now, my pace has is close to snail speed.
- @Kemmzy ok. Almost done now
- #walkacross #walkacrosspeninsula 15:22 Epe Junction
- #walkacross Done


WalkAcross Lekki Peninsula - Day 2 in Pictures

09:12 My supplies for the next 2 days

13:53 Close to Sangotedo

15:06 The 'Jesus' Electrician

WalkAcross Lekki Peninsula - Day 2 in Tweets

Day 2 started from home. I took a bike to Ikota, Mega Chicken where I'd stopped the previous night. By now I was quite fresh, tummy full and energize to take on the long day. My sights were set on getting to Eleko Junction.

- #walkacross Day 2 10:30, continue from Ikota
- #walkacross 10:59 Ajah
- Fuel situation exacerbating, Ajah bus stop kinda rowdy for a weekend
- Ajah traffic (leaving Eti Osa) #stunning @gidi_traffic
- #walkacross 11:30 Abraham Adesanya
- #walkacross the rain this morning makes for a cool walk, cloudy skier
- #walkacross 11:54 #LBS
- #walkacross 12:25 Ogidan
- #walkacross 12:37 Sangotedo taking a #break
- #walkacross a nice man, Lambert allowed me to take my rest break on a sofa in his shop. Igbo kwenu
- #walkacross 13:53 Abijo
- By my rough calculation, I shld hit the half way mark in about an hour #walkacross
- But I will have to strive on to cover more grounds today in order to complete this tomorrow #walkacross
- Am looking at getting to #Eleko before 18:00
- #Walkacross 14:17 Abijo GRA
- I think my brain is getting used to the pain and telling my legs and feet to just carry on till ya'll fully drain #walkacross
- Rain??? Doesn't look too cloudy
- #walkacross 14:52 Awoyaya
- #walkacross Am officially halfway there...and the Black Eye Peas song comes to mind
- #walkacross 15:19 Mayfair Gardens
- Walking pass Victoria Court. RIP Obinna
- #walkacross 15:31 Eputu Town. Rest break
- Just checked the scores HT and we're 2 up, cool @LFC
- Loving the scores @LFC #walkacross
- #walkacross I've just been informed that I've gone pass Lakowe. Now in Kajola
- #walkacross 16:46 Elemoro. Low on juice
- I think Eleko cannot be too far away now but not sure. All energy supplies are running low, going trek 4 another hour and will call it a day
- #walkacross 17:02 Laporaga
- #walkacross 17:16 Imaletalafia Town
- #walkacross 17:50 Desa Town. Its looking doubtful that I'll make Eleko.
- #walkacross 18:08 Igando Oloja
- 18:09 Calling it Day 2. Am out


WalkAcross Lekki Peninsula - Day 1 in Pictures

18:55 Start off point - Bonny Camp, VI at dusk

19:21 Law School

19:25 Strolling on