Monday, 1 October 2012

WalkAcross Peninsula - Day 3 in Pictures

08:30 Ibeju Lekki Local Govt Office

09:03 Abulepanu

09:19 These guys got me jealous a little, riding with a support crew trailing behind

09:24 Eleko Junction (finally)

09:31 Still a long road ahead. Started raining too

09:34 Had to use the bin bag I packed along as a 'waterproof gear'. The Bear Grylls in me 

09:52 Breakfast

10:05 Some big church camp/grounds. Can't recall the name
10:51 The Long Bridge. It goes over a large swampy area

11:08 The sun came out, so did my keffiyeh 

11:10 View of the bridge into the swarm

11:20 Apparently there's a large community of palm wine tappers and kain-kain makers living under the bridge

11:25 Palmy and kain-kain for sale. I later named the crossing Palmy Bridge

11:32 Canoes and a small settlement over the bridge

11:41 Scene of what must have been a ghastly accident
11:52 Okegun Owuye

12:41 At this point, I realized the end-point was still another 2 to 3 hours away

12:50 Crossing into Epe 

12:57 Didn't see anything close to an airport construction but here's some evidence something is happening around here

14:47 At the foot of 'Epe Bridge'

14:49 Ascending the bridge. I could see the end point from here.

14:53 Crossing the bridge

14:56 View on the bridge

15:14 The old Toll Gate at Epe

15:20 End point and it felt good. Got some area boys to take this at their 'den'



  1. Lol at the toll gate in epe.

    You got sexy legs, Oi Oi *wink*
    And I'm somewhat worried that there are no clear footpaths on theses major roads. Pls be careful ooo.

    What where those oyinbo cycling for?

  2. Most times you have clear footpaths, only a few times they disappear.

    I sure they were cycling for fun/hobby cos there was no competition going on.

  3. WOW!!! Well done James, found your blog by chance and to say this is some impressive feat, would be an understatement! I mean in that Niger heat!!! Much respect to you man, but truly James, I am in awe and so motivated right now! I mean the gym sounds like a luxurious spot to me right about now. Not quite sure now how I could have been avoiding it like the plague all this time!

  4. WOW!!! So impressed with this Herculean feat you achieved. I stumbled on your blog and just cannot believe you did this in that Niger heat! Much respect man, seriously! I've been avoiding the gym like the plague, now you've given me the motivation to tackle it! Thanks so much James and very well done man! Anne Esiovwa

  5. Thank you very much Onoriode, true appreciation.

    I was quite fortunate the sun wasn't too blazing when I did the 72km walk. It was cloudy 3/4 of the walk. I do the gym as well but sometimes the walls just seem a little boring and getting out on trails was more interesting. I look forward to hear what you finally get up to.

    For me, currently planning and trying to get ready for my next walk.

  6. great stuff...impressive!