Monday, 1 October 2012

WalkAcross Lekki Peninsula - Day 2 in Tweets

Day 2 started from home. I took a bike to Ikota, Mega Chicken where I'd stopped the previous night. By now I was quite fresh, tummy full and energize to take on the long day. My sights were set on getting to Eleko Junction.

- #walkacross Day 2 10:30, continue from Ikota
- #walkacross 10:59 Ajah
- Fuel situation exacerbating, Ajah bus stop kinda rowdy for a weekend
- Ajah traffic (leaving Eti Osa) #stunning @gidi_traffic
- #walkacross 11:30 Abraham Adesanya
- #walkacross the rain this morning makes for a cool walk, cloudy skier
- #walkacross 11:54 #LBS
- #walkacross 12:25 Ogidan
- #walkacross 12:37 Sangotedo taking a #break
- #walkacross a nice man, Lambert allowed me to take my rest break on a sofa in his shop. Igbo kwenu
- #walkacross 13:53 Abijo
- By my rough calculation, I shld hit the half way mark in about an hour #walkacross
- But I will have to strive on to cover more grounds today in order to complete this tomorrow #walkacross
- Am looking at getting to #Eleko before 18:00
- #Walkacross 14:17 Abijo GRA
- I think my brain is getting used to the pain and telling my legs and feet to just carry on till ya'll fully drain #walkacross
- Rain??? Doesn't look too cloudy
- #walkacross 14:52 Awoyaya
- #walkacross Am officially halfway there...and the Black Eye Peas song comes to mind
- #walkacross 15:19 Mayfair Gardens
- Walking pass Victoria Court. RIP Obinna
- #walkacross 15:31 Eputu Town. Rest break
- Just checked the scores HT and we're 2 up, cool @LFC
- Loving the scores @LFC #walkacross
- #walkacross I've just been informed that I've gone pass Lakowe. Now in Kajola
- #walkacross 16:46 Elemoro. Low on juice
- I think Eleko cannot be too far away now but not sure. All energy supplies are running low, going trek 4 another hour and will call it a day
- #walkacross 17:02 Laporaga
- #walkacross 17:16 Imaletalafia Town
- #walkacross 17:50 Desa Town. Its looking doubtful that I'll make Eleko.
- #walkacross 18:08 Igando Oloja
- 18:09 Calling it Day 2. Am out


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