Saturday, 16 February 2013

Out of Eden - The 34,000km Walk

I remember my post on reactions I get when people learn that I walked across Lagos and each time I tell people "I ain't done nothing yet". This is because there are brave explorers out there doing great and exciting walks. You have the Mark Moxons, the Peter Jenkins, the Ed Staffords, the James Cracknells...and then you have PAUL SALOPEK.

Paul Salopek is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning writer/journalist who is retracing the footsteps of early Man's migrating out of Africa some 50,000-70,000 years ago all the way to South America. The 34,000 kilometre walk started on 10/01/13 and will take Paul 7-years to complete.

I came across the project a few weeks via an article and I've been following the journey on Twitter @outofedenwalk @paulsalopek and on the project's website.

Paul's trek is the orange route on the map below. Hmmmmm...just had a thought, I'll will plan to be at the end-point in 2020.