Saturday, 3 November 2012

Reactions I Get

You're joking...
Are you serious?
Na lie o...
Wetin happen nau?
You don mad?
You are too oyibo...
You must be suicidal...

Quite frankly, right from the onset I've been prepared for the kind of reactions I will get from family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers. I am all too aware of the culture and belief system of the society I call home.

Even my wife. I remember last year when I bought home a map of trail I wanted to walk and I started discussing my #walkacross quests with her, she started laughing, made jest...but slowly started taking me seriously. Now, she knows better and is supportive.

My that's the ultimate freak-out "Adeyinka kin lo se e, sho fe pa mi ni". I understand my mum's reaction, she still thinks of me as the 1 year old son she's still nurturing into the world. Not sure if she's ever come across my blog but she has a fair idea of what I've been up to through conversations with my wife and my sister Kemi.

But I will be lying if I were to paint everyone with the same brush. At work, a couple of colleagues/friends are quite intrigued and sincerely supportive. I have actually inspired a friend who now plans to walk the length of 3rd Mainland Bridge. Then there are others that want to assist as my support team. I call them #teamyinka.

At a cocktail during an industry event a couple of days ago, for once I found myself in the midst of people who share the similar desire to do something enduring. I met the MD of Vodacom and he was telling me about his cycling crew who cycle 40-100km trails every weekend. And there was Ejike (and his friend) who does regular walks from Victoria Island to Lekki. I also heard about a chap who cycles from Lagos to Ghana and back, another chap who does Ikeja to VGC. But no ultra-long distance trekker...

But as usually, I got the most surprise glances when I talked about my vocation, description of distances I have covered and plans for my next walk...this time there was keen interests in the chatting party..


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