Thursday, 13 November 2014

Walk Across London

When I was thinking of the next city to walk, it had to be London. The second city I’m most familiar with and the second city I’ve lived in after Lagos.

The distance across London I will be walking is approximately 67km…it’s not as long as across Lagos but I look forward to a challenging and rewarding walk. I expect to complete the walk in 3 days starting from Fri 14th to Sun 16th Nov.

As usual, the walk is for fun, discovery and sight-seeing experience while I would like to use the opportunity to raise funds for a charity or two I believe needs support.

For #WalkAcrossLagos in December 2012, with the support of friends, colleagues and family I was able to raise N115,000 which was donated to the Red Cross Orphanage in Makoko, Yaba, Lagos. This year with #WalkAcrossLondon, I am looking to raise N200,000 to be divided equally between two charities;

1) The Red Cross of Nigeria Orphanage in Makoko, Yaba, Lagos

2) The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP). They have an on-going campaigning to raise money to buy 37 mobile cancer detection machines. I appreciate their efforts in the fight against cancer.

So, follow the journey via Twitter @alldatjas for updates on how the walk progresses and to know if I made it.

Oh yeah, you can make a donation towards my target on my Gofundme page...or if you prefer to donate via bank transfer to Ecobank Nigeria - Adeyinka Shorungbe, Acct No. 0021379904

Thank you.


Monday, 10 November 2014

This Should Be Fun...

First time making a post in almost two years plus I haven’t done any ultra walks since #WalkAcrossLagos...time flies

I had initially planned #WalkAbujaLagos or #WalkAcrossLondon in 2013 after #WalkAcrossLagos but had to shelve the plans mainly due to work schedules. In between, I “try” to keep fit but it can be hard sometimes. Done a number of half day walks over the couple of years mainly in Lagos (Victoria Island, Lekki Axis).

What else? I’ve been living, surviving, learning. My daughter is over 2 years old now, started play school. Speaking a few words here and there, developing her own character day-by-day. Also changed jobs, so got a new work-family now in Ecobank Nigeria but I still got mad love for my Stanbic IBTC fam.

After almost a week in Paris attending Cartes 2014 and doing some sightseeing to get to know the city with Tolu Latunji and Bode Oyegoke-Akande, I’ll be hoping on the Eurostar in a few hours to London to spend time with my siblings (my brother's graduation tomorrow), mum and the Ile Iwe Metta Jand crew.

Been making preps for #WalkAcrossLondon – accommodation, gear, weather review, gears, mapping out my route and distance per day, etc. The walk will take me 3 days starting from Friday 14th Nov to Sunday 16th Nov.

My main concern will be the chill and not the hot blazing sun this time around. Its late Autumn, so with Winter just about to creep in this will make a good experience walking in cold weather. I’ve been hearing something on the news about cold snap over in the US. I gats to brace up for this side of the Atlantic. Thermal wear is a must now.

This should be fun.