Monday, 12 November 2012

The Hotel Didn't Have CNN...

My line of work can be stressful at stressful that I sometimes do not have time to go to the gym as often as I would like. But the profession also offers interesting trips abroad. So a break from the tedious routine and Lagos hustle came about with a welcome 6-day trip to Joburg.

It was an official trip from the office packed with meetings, workshops and remote work...but I still manage to get some "me time" in, plus I wanted to get serious about training. A few days before leaving for SA, I had completed the online order for some of the gear I'd be needing so mentally and preparation wise, I started counting down. With about a month to go to #walkacrosslagos, I had to start focusing on getting fit training.

After the daily meetings, my hotel offered cool facilities to unwind. A good gym with a lovely pool just outside. This was my second time staying at this particular hotel so I kinda felt at home...

Met up S. He was just rounding up his internship and had time to hang out in the evenings. Drinks, dinner, more drinks. Hung-out with some of his crew from school, tried out a flashy looking local brew: Steph Weiss, sisi-sounding name right, but tasted alright.

Oh yeah, Obama got re-elected. I was initially fuming that my hotel some how didn't have CNN (can you beat that, a 4-star hotel with no CNN). I made quite a fuss about this - Room Service sent the maintenance  guys to come around, the hotel group's account noticed my rant on Twitter and replied. I later had to settle for NBC which I later discovered did a very good coverage of the election (albeit no John King's magic wall). Plus, the station made a number of early calls even before CNN.

The day before I left was the Joburg leg of Linkin Park's Living Things concert at the FNB Stadium. Got a couple of tickets and went with S. Mad evening out. We temporarily lost our voices screaming to all the insane hits from Hybrid Theory to Living Things.

LP didn't disappoint.

Serious stuff right here. Got up to stretch my legs...OK and to also take a picture

The pool just outside the gym, lots of night swimming 

Rest break

Don't let the sisi look deceive you, this brew tastes nice

Sorry Romney, the better man won #2termz

Outside the FNB Stadium, helicopter whizzing around a large banner of the upcoming new Twilight movie

That's S

No comment

If you look closely and carefully, you can actually see Chester and Mike on the stage

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  1. Nice time out,balanced fun. Nice piece