Monday, 1 October 2012

WalkAcross Lekki Peninsula - Day 3 in Tweets

Passed the night before Day 3 at LD's place. It was a drive of about 15km from the checkpoint at the end of Day 2. Rested well and was re-energize by a sumptuous meal and a hot shower.

Take off time was approx 08:00 and I got to Igando Oloja 25 minutes later. At this stage I still had about 24km to cover on the last. The day started of as very cloudy and cool.

- #walkacross Day 3, heading out to the last check point (Igando Oloja) to continue
- #walkacross 08:28 setting off.
- 08:44 Just witnessed a 'near accident'. Driver lost control of the SUV, all safe but shaken
- TosOil filling station, selling petrol but not a single car in the forecourt #fuelscarcity. Albeit +55km out
- #walkacross 09:24 Eleko
- Its raining now, no shelter close by
- #walkacross 10:02 Idiorogbo
- #walkacross #walkacrosspeninsula
- #walkacross 10:22 Aiyegbami Ibeju. I reckon am about 15km to destination now
- #walkacross 10:35 Long Bridge. Rest break
- @LadejobiAde almost done. Looking at 14:00 as ETA
- Rest break over, taking on the Long Bridge
- This bridge should be called 'Palmy Bridge'
- #walkacross 11:34 crossed the Long (Palmy) bridge in 42 mijs
- #walkacross 11:45 Eleran-Egbe
- Very sunny now, using one of my t-shirts as a head cover
- #walkacross 12:01 another rest break. My feet were getting numb. Am at Oke Igunbale
- #walkacross 13:26 Ilamija Nla Village
- This shit is tough and difficult. The last 4-5km looking like Mount Everest
- @Kemmzy thanks Kemi. I am taking pictures, will upload them later. Data service and juice won't permit me now
- #walkacross 14:31 I see THA BRIDGE.
- I can also see the end zone too. almost limping now, my pace has is close to snail speed.
- @Kemmzy ok. Almost done now
- #walkacross #walkacrosspeninsula 15:22 Epe Junction
- #walkacross Done


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