Sunday, 28 December 2014

#walkacrosslondon Day 1 in Pictures

How I'm kitted out

Took a train from Waterloo to Virginia Water. A short hike to start Point A

The morning was a rainy one

Start Point, a rural on the outskirts of London. A farm with ponies

Track ahead from start Point A, on the left is the M25

Moon's Walk trail

Turns out Moon's Walk runs behind Thorpe Park

Moon's Walk has Manor Lake on left...

...And St Ann's Lake on the right

Nav assisting

Breakfast at Joe's Place

Another of Manor Lake

Exiting Chertsey town

I had started to sweat

In fact, so hot now I turned down the hot drink that came with this bottle

Lower Hampton Road

Letting the feet breathe on the banks of the Thames

Post card worthy of the The Thames in Hampton

Another view

Sunny view

Hampton Treatment was a massive facility

Getting dark now, rested stop at a part in Twickenham Green

At Richmond, made a pub a rest stop so naturally...

It was dark now, feet were almost dead...23 mins to end Point B

End of day 1 - Hammersmith

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