Saturday, 29 September 2012

WalkAcross Lekki Peninsula - Day 1 in Tweets

Just woke up, still I got some aches on my feet but they are easing. I managed to complete 17km on Day 1, 55km to go.

Day 2 is Environmental Saturday and the time now is almost 08:00 so I have a couple of hours before setting out. Some updates on Day 1 below using tweets from yesterday. I got a few pictures which I'll upload later.

-          -  #wallacross #walkcrosspeninsula 1.5hrs behind schedule
-          -  18:55 Bonny Camp, Ozumba Mbadiwe
-          -  #walkacross seen a couple of people with back-packs also the opposite direction though. Am thinking #notransport
-          -  19:22 Law School. I recall a colleague telling us he got robbed around here. I better cross to the other side of the road
-          -  19:39 Where am I? I got my GPS locator up now
-          -  19:47 Mobil V/I
-          -  #walkacross approaching the Toll Gate, Oniru. No need to take the alternative route
-          -  19:54 Oriental Hotel, walking pass #Club23
-          -  20:14 1st Roundabout, Lekki Phase 1
-          -  It starts getting lonely from here, no other pedestrian around
-          -  20:33 2nd Roundabout, Lekki
-          -  #walkacross am clocking an average of 4.5km/h
-          -  #walkacross Two hours deep, approx 9km. 63km to go
-          -  20:58 3rd Roundabout, Lekki
-          -  #walkacross Oando (Elegushi) filling station traffic, 3 straight nights @gidi_traffic
-          -  21:11 4th Roundabout, Elegushi
-          -  #walkacross Am starting to slow down, slight aches settling in
-          -  I wonder why one foot aches more than the other...maybe my left butt cheek is heavier #walkacross
-          -  21:38 6th Roundabout, Jakande
-          -  I think am o go for #Ajah. Make or break decision
-          -  Ops, last checkpoint was actually 5th Roundabout #walkacross
-          -  21:59 Idado. For the records, I've now walked from the office, home.
-          -  I've lost my face towel. Lucky this is a night walk else my face sweat will drown me
-          -  @LadejobiAde and I left the office together. He drove, I walked. 3 hours later, walking pass his hood #walkacross
-          -  I can see lightning in the clouds ahead. Rain? I miss my #ICS weather widget
-          -  22:14 7th Roundabout, Chevron
-          -  The last time I walked 3 hours straight, I legs were almost giving way. This time around, just aching feet #newshoes
-          -  #walkacross The 'Christmas' lights of Chevron Toll gate ahead
-          -  #Ajah is close, yet f&¥king far
-          -  22:53 Ikota, Mega Chicken. Calling it Day One, am out


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