Sunday, 16 September 2012

Practice Walk - Attempt 2

This is the very first of many exciting journeys ahead in the #walkacross adventure. I hadn't done any fitness regime in awhile so I wanted to test my body's endurance without prior training.

The walk on Saturday Sept 15th was actually the second attempt at a practice walk. The first attempt was 6 weeks ago. I had set off on the 24 km trek but got a call at the 3km mark from the office (our ED...ok he was not ED then, but he's ED now), that I had to attend an important meeting. So I had to abandon the walk then.

Sept 15th, no such meetings sprung up. Hung out  the night before with the Black Card crew and told them I will be doing the practice from my place to Awoyaya. Set off time was 09:04 from Idado for the grueling 24.8km trek.

Just to clear things right from the onset, I'm not trying to break any distance/time record. I just want to walk like no Nigerian has done before...and along the way, see where this take me. I also want to leave a mark, something like what you see in toilet cubicles - JAS Was Here.

As a practice run, I learnt a couple of things along the way;

- walk breaks are necessary and beneficial
- if I'm to walk and use my phone (Xperia S) for stuffs, I will need back up juice
- 24km is childsplay compared to what's ahead
- I need more gadgets, a bit more equipment

After 6 hours, 10 mins. I got to Ladi and Obi's place in Awoyaya. Mission accomplished...that's my trail below.


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