Thursday, 27 September 2012

Jogging is hard, Walking is well...that's a different story

As part of plans to get my fitness level up for #walkacross Peninsula, I'd made jogging a regular in my exercise routine. Sometimes I try to imagine jogging the distances I (plan to) walk. The great James Cracknell comes to mind. Though he never made the epic run across the United States, the intensity and difficulty he endured shows jogging great distances is for the greats way up there.

For mere mortals like myself, walking is as tough as it gets. In just over 24 hours, I will set off from the Ozumba Mbadiwe end of the 72km road that winds up to Epe. I had initially planned to postpone the walk because some equipment I ordered were delayed - one of the items being new walking shoes. But thinking about Walking 101 (Never do long distances in new shoes) made me re-consider.

So I'll go ahead with the 72km walk on Friday. The Mrs. got my apples and glucose to I will pack along going to work in the morning. I expect to complete the distance in about 2 and half days. Going to work usual however TGIF won't be at the Wine Bar or SS Lounge. I will be setting off after the day's hustle, with ETD as 17:00.

The key to completing this walk successfully by Sunday will be the distance am able to cover in Day 1 so I plan to hike to Ajah before 9pm then rest for the day  (at home) before continuing on Saturday morning.

Not sure if I'll update this blog again before 17:00 on 28/09/12 but you can follow the walk on the hash tag #walkacross or #walkacrosspeninsula - I'll be tweeting usual @alldatjas. You can also locate me on G Map to see "where I at"...juice permitting.

Walking Trail - 72km



  1. Good lucky James

  2. Please don't start jogging yet ooh, pace yourself and perfect your techniques to walking before you start jogging.