Monday, 24 December 2012

After The Walk

The next couple of days after completing the walk, I was treading on my feet with some bit of pain from the blisters. That was about the only reminder telling on my body that I had just completed 175km/6 days walk across Lagos State. Other than that, I was fine.
I have received mad love and support from everyone; colleagues, family, friends, acquaintances, tweeps - unbelievable. My first day back at work, when I walked into the office I received a standing ovation from my colleagues on our floor. It was incredible. I inspire them? Little did they know how their deep support has inspired me.
And there were others…friends and total strangers who came across #walkacrosslagos and simply threw their weight behind the trek morally and by redeeming pledges. Awesome. Sometimes I get introduced as “Do you what this guy did?” Then I get to relay my experience to new friends.
A couple of news articles have been published about #walkacrosslagos. Most notable is Funmi Johnson’s double piece in the National Mirror here and here. I think I’ll C&P the complete article from Saturday National Mirror. #walkacrosslagos also made it to NTA 2 Evening News bulletin on Friday 14th Dec with an encore on the NTA Network Newsline programme on Sunday 16th Dec. I’m trying to get the footage reformatted so I post online in a bit.
And lastly the pledges…wow. I’d set out a target of N100,000 to raise for the Red Cross Society Motherless Babies Home in Makoko, Yaba. With pledges of about N182,000 receive, at the end of the day we realized a total redeemed amount of N115,000 – well over the target amount.
I am so pleased and grateful for everyone that donated money for this cause…okay wait, I am going to do a post dedicated to you guys. Without you, we would not have been able to go to the Motherless Babies Home with that cheque topping N100k.
Christmas is here. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.


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