Sunday, 16 December 2012

#walkacrosslagos Day 4 in Pictures

Checkpoint D was home so Jade was happy to me in the morning 

I had to put bandages on my right foot to protect the blister

Restocked my supplies for the next 3 days, the backpack became quite heavy

Relics of what must have a serious accident just by the Chevron/Conservation Toll Plaza
More pictures after the break...

Why did I take this picture again...oh yeah, shopping plaza at Ajah Bus Stop. I never noticed it before because a very rowdy bus park is right in front of it. #locationfail

The road ahead...just pass Abraham Adesanya Estate

The Big Treat is gone...Re: #walkacrosspeninsula

Lagos Business School

No guesses what happens in this hotel


Coscharis, Awoyaya

A school next to a church or a church next to a school

Eputu Town gate

Daylight was diminishing on the approach to Checkpoint E

The blister on the second day.

I got another smaller blister now on the second foot
End of Day 4

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