Saturday, 15 December 2012

#walkacrosslagos Day 1 in Pictures

I was warned not to take pictures of the custom/immigration officers by the border checkpoint so I took this picture instead  right next to them
I noticed my phone was indicating MTN Benin

Got something to eat at the border - at Mama Calabar's place

About to start walking the long way back - from Seme Border Town
More pictures after the break

The road gets very close to the shoreline at some points. You can see the ocean
Located myself on Latitude

Journey of 175km, starts with...

Bells University coming to Badagry?

I saw a pile of bones on the road side. They don't look human though 

Some large scale construction along the Badagry Exp Way but no signage to indicate what was being constructed

Going keffiyeh to get some shade 

Encountered a long flat bridge on the approach to Badagry Town

The main bridge over the water before you get to Badagry. Customs/NDLEA checkpoint on the right of the picture 

Chilled out for a little break at the foot of the bridge just opposite the  Customs checkpoint

Crossing the bridge - a lot of those brown stuff of the footpath were poo pats

Just after walking pass Badagry roundabout (I forgot to take a picture there), I came across the French Village

Plastic recycling collection point

International Training Centre - not sure what the training focus is

I stopped here at the end of Day 1 - a location called MTN. With the comms masks, I can  understand why its called so

Just shy of Checkpoint B at the end of Day 1 

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