Wednesday, 5 December 2012

#walkacrosslagos Day 1 in Tweets

·        Heading out to the border, Checkpoint A Dec 03, 2012
·         Seme Border an hour ago. Started off at 08:25 @dupekilla @jeremyweate @AO1379 #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Sweating a little more than usual. The "magnitude" of this got me a bit nervous. Starting to get into my stride now Dec 03, 2012
·         RT @George_brown01 God Bless and Protect my Brother @alldatjas as he embarks on his Journey. Wish You all The best. Stay Safe. Gods Speed. Dec 03, 2012
·         I got locations activated, you can track me on You will require desktop view #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Haven't walked pass any distinct town or village but I figure am about 6km away from the border now Dec 03, 2012
·         09:55 Am literally walking along the coast now, I can 'see' the shoreline. Still no town/village, just long road #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         @NkechiObieri ok cool, a page on will be nice. Dec 03, 2012
·         @NkechiObieri at the border #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         10:40 A quick check on the map indicates am half way to Badagry #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         @NkechiObieri Holla at E-Business, big thanks to the team for the massive support. Dec 03, 2012
·         #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Sometimes water is the sweetest drink Dec 03, 2012
·         @charlesayanleke how does this craze man look? @Funlayo For Lagos?,dem go mistake am for craze man o. #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         The famous Badagry palm trees. Am walking not too far from the beach line #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012

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·         @gidi_traffic I cld literally be your man on ground 4 next 6 days. Seme to Badagry is all free except for few custom stops #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         In my state of nervousness dis morning, I 4got my Lucozade Sport and Energy bars. Good thing this is Day 1, #stillenergetic #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         11:58 Time to listen to the news #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         12:20 Approaching Gbaji Customs Checkpoint Dec 03, 2012
·         12:35 I remember when I did the 24km walk, after 2 hours/9km, my legs buckled and I had to rest. Now I do 4 hours/20km before a reststop Dec 03, 2012
·         12:39 At the Badagry Bridge, stop #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         #googlemap is not correct at this location, it does not show a large body of water which this bridge goes over #Badagry #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         12:50 #reststop #lunch #badagry #customscheckpoint #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Thanks bro RT @AnjuRay Supporting @alldatjas Yinka on his #walkacrosslagos. Dec 03, 2012
·         14:04 Badagry Roundabout. Meanwhile, is there Sharia around this area? I've seen like 4 arm amputees Dec 03, 2012
·         End of Day 1 is abt 7km before Agbara and I'm 18km in total from Agbara. I think I'm gonna go for Agbara #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         My mum was the last person to know about #walkacrosslagos, now she's my number fan after trying very hard without succes to dissuade me Dec 03, 2012
·         14:53 Ibereko Army Barracks. Liver no gree me take pictures #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         #myleastfavoritepartofwalking applying petroleum jelly to reduce #chaffing Dec 03, 2012
·         @thesmiletrek #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Oh oh, getting cloudy #rain? Dec 03, 2012
·         I must say, MTN's network quality and coverage Seme to Agbara not bad at all #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Thanks RT @oluwa_todimuu Support @alldatjas by pledging to donate either N10 or N5 for every kilometre he walks for charity #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         15:50 Aradadu rest stop. Chilling at IWB-2000 Spare Parts stop as a guess of Chinedu. #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Thanks Edu RT @BraaZeal @alldatjas way to go jazzy!! Dec 03, 2012
·         Thanks George RT @George_brown01 @alldatjas Lmao ... Well Done Bro. Dec 03, 2012
·         Thanks Tunde RT @rosanwo RT @alldatjas: #walkacrosslagos...Make a Pledge Chronicles of a Journey Dec 03, 2012
·         Feeling bad cos I forgot to say thank you and goodbye to Chinedu Dec 03, 2012
·         *guest RT @alldatjas 15:50 Aradadu rest stop. Chilling at IWB-2000 Spare Parts stop as a guess of Chinedu. #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Is walking across Lagos safe? Yes...cos you're so anonymous and random, nobody pays you a second glance #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         When doing distance walking, rest stops are important. They renew the bounce to your ounce #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         @e_porsche done Dec 03, 2012
·         16:55 Mowo. Another customs checkpoint Dec 03, 2012
·         17:04 Approaching Checkpoint B. Agbara is still on the table #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         I think am hitting 'the wall', now walking at a snail pace. Agbara is now off the table #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         17:45 Emma, reststop Dec 03, 2012
·         A couple of kilometres from Checkpoint B but I have to call it a day. Better to go and rest the body than overdo oneself #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Thanks bro. How was today? RT @the3rdGoogleBoy Follow my man @alldatjas. Walking from Seme border to Epe. #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         I must have been delusional to think I could have made Agbara on Day 1 #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Abt 35-37km RT @the3rdGoogleBoy @alldatjas chilling ooo. How many Kms so far mehnn. #walkacrosslagos Dec 03, 2012
·         Day 1 over, gruelling. Tryin 2 rest & re-energize 4 Day 2 RT @lekan2me @alldatjas #walkacrosslagos nice on bro, how is the journey so far? Dec 03, 2012
·         @the3rdGoogleBoy I dey Agbara nau, recuperating Dec 03, 2012


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