Wednesday, 5 December 2012

#walkacross Day 3 in Tweets

·        *          Day 3, slept well, no funny aches this morning. Only problem is my blocked nose, I got carrtah from all the dust inhaled #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Leaving Checkpoint C, Festac. My route 2day will take me thru Mile 2, Orile, Iganmu, Eko Brigde, CMS, Bonny Camp up 2 Lekki #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Looks like a rat has nibbled into my shortbread. I might as well share... Dec 05, 2012
·         Big shout out this morning to friends, colleagues and supporters who have pledged N5/N10 for every km I walk. You drive me #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Thanks Edu RT @BraaZeal @alldatjas keep on moving *thumbs up! Dec 05, 2012
·         I hear iTunes don land RT @AO1379 Only a matter of time till BRF sets his sight on street tradin. We'll c how music is distributed then. Dec 05, 2012
·         RT @mashable Newark Mayor Booker wil just spend $29.78 on food this week, in solidarity with pple living on food stamps Dec 05, 2012
·         Cool. I like the Twitter handle you got RT @mythots @alldatjas HOW IS OUR WAKA GOING?, WILL LOOK OUT FOR YOU WHEN U REACH MARINA Dec 05, 2012
·         Nice one Biggie RT @ask4gbolabo @alldatjas We are right behind u Jazzy. Shout out from the IIM crew. Keep representing bro #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Setting off from Checkpoint C, activating Path Tracking #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Alakija onwards to Agboju is a minefield of roadside poopoo #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         09:39 Festac First Gate. Am starting to see firsthand the overground rail and road expansion works. Eko o ni baje #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         The Chinese have learnt from previous bridge construction. No aluminum railing, no mysterious thefts. All concrete railings #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         09:57 Mile 2. I'm the only one using umbrella, then again I'm the only one walking 10s of kilometres #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012

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·         Ok, will do RT @lekan2me @alldatjas have. Ot been getting updates... Pls let me know when u get to d office area, so we can come cheer u up. Dec 05, 2012
·         @mythots looking like they will be ground level. From Orile to Iganmu is suspended Dec 05, 2012
·         The metro rail stations coming up #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         The illustrations coming to life. One day, we'll wake n the metro rail will be up and running #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         10:54 Orile. I'm scheduled to meet up with some news crew at Costain for an interview #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         5 years from now, some kids will never know what Iganmu, Orile, Mile 2, etc used to look like Dec 05, 2012
·         Mind the end of today I would have walked over 100km #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Approaching Iganmu, I can see Nigerian Breweries in a distant Dec 05, 2012
·         RT @BreakingNews Serbia's ambassador to NATO leaps to death from parking garage platform, officials say - @AP Dec 05, 2012
·         @jeneezone really? Should have holla. Thanks. No work today? Dec 05, 2012
·         11:25 Iganmu Bridge #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Ok, met up with the news crew #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         @jeneezone oh ok. You can complete a form on my blog, desktop view Dec 05, 2012
·         12:17 On Eko Bridge, centre reservation #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         13:01 Apongbon, rest stop. Got some more interviews coming up when I get to V/I #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Back in the early 90s my mum had a shop around here. Woulda have been good to pop in and say hello. Dec 05, 2012
·         13:17 Outer Marina #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         @mythots crossing over to CMS bus stop from his office to say hi #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         @lekan2me I'll be at Bonny Camp in 10mins Dec 05, 2012
·         13:52 End of Marina Dec 05, 2012
·         13:59 Bonny Camp, VI. Should be resting here, do some interviews and also meet up with colleagues from Stanbic #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Wow, mad reception at the office. Plus, just heard the bank will match the amount I raise. Thanks guys #stanbic #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         RT @AnjuRay Wow. Walking from the Seme border since Monday. Jut getting to VI. On his way to Epe still. Strong guy. Dec 05, 2012
·         RT @AO1379 My friend @alldatjas is about to work past the office, been walking for Seme. Top lad, respect. #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Thanks RT @MsJola @alldatjas wow..been following your progress from Day 1..All the best!!! Dec 05, 2012
·         Very low on juice now. Heading towards Law School. Approx 12km from Checkpoint D #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         The last time I did Bonny Camp to Chevron, Lekki it was at night. Different today #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         15:17 1004 #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         18:38 Chevron, Lekki Checkpoint D #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Got a major blister, it really slowed my pace this afternoon. Trying a remedies to treat it in time to continue tomorrow #walkacrosslagos Dec 05, 2012
·         Checkpoint D, Lekki Chevron RT @lekan2me @alldatjas where are u at the moment? Dec 05, 2012


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