Sunday, 16 December 2012

#walkacrosslagos Day 3 in Pictures

A fruits depot just after Alakija, Festac

Hard to see from this picture, but this is furniture village at Agboju, Festac

Plantain stems dump

Construction work going on. Festac First Gate in the distance

Approaching Mile 2 bus stop
More pictures after the break

Blue Rail Mile 2 Station coming up

Left Mile 2, Alafia ahead

Blue Rail Station, Alafia

Blue Rail Station, Alafia

The Badagry Expressway corridor is changing...Blue Rail tracks next to BRT lane

The sun was intense on Day 3

Orile Station

Blue Rail elevated tracks starts from Orile 

Thats George from NTA crew. They met up with me at Iganmu to interview me. 


Also had Bisi Olatilo crew film me and also interview. 

Walking also Eko Bridge

Closing in on Lagos Island

Outer Marina

The former NITEL H/O. I believe its been sold to...

Colleagues at work when I stopped over 

Bye, see you later...

Got home and me feet were really sore with one blister and another threatening to develop. Cooling them off in ice water
My phone went off before I got to Checkpoint  D so I couldn't get a screenshot of  my entire day's walk

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  1. I have more picture of the Lagos Badagry expressway on my blog.